MarioInk is a team of bodypainters and extreme beauty makeup artists collaborating under the direction of established bodypainter and airbrush makeup artist, Mario Ceja. As a collective they have been dominating promotional bodypainting in the nightlife industry for years. Using bodypainting as an alternative marketing campaign, this unique blend of fashion and entertainment is an exciting and memorable way to glamorize your company or product. Innovative Bodypainting & Airbrush Makeup for Advertising, Events, Nightlife, and Fashion.

Mario Ceja

Mario Ceja is a Mehron featured artist who has been airbrushing for over 15 years. He learned the art of airbrush makeup from creators of Kett Cosmetics from New York. Kett Cosmetics are the leading airbrush makeup company in the world. Mario was trained and represents the same master level teachings when he trains new students at Airbrush Academy or in of MarioInk's Apprenticeship Programs.

Private Tattoo Studio

Mario INK Tattoo has been setting the standard in Chicago since 2000. Whether you are looking for large scale body suite work, imaginative creative custom work, exquisite lettering or flourishing floral work, our studio has an artist who can fit your needs. We constantly strive to give you something extraordinary in the art of tattooing.

Mario Ink Tattoo was created with the intention to produce custom tattoo art. We prefer to tattoo original custom designs created by our artists, inspired by our clients.

Located in the vibrant Wicker Park neighborhood, Mario Ink is the premier private tattoo studio in Chicago. Our talented artists, well-known for their incredible hand-drawn tattoos, are available for one-on-one sessions in this unique and spiritual environment. Make yourself at home, get comfortable and even play your own music or films within the confines of our accommodating, up-scale tattoo facility.

At Mario INK, we’re very understanding of customer requests and strive to make every visit as relaxing as possible. Your highly-experienced personal artist will illustrate your vision and bring it to life in the most creative fashion possible, with the help of an assortment of colors and tools used to draw custom designs.

Our private studio is the finest and most exclusive tattoo experience in Chicago, and available by appointment only.

Call us today or Click Here to Book Your Tattoo Online.

Promotional Bodypainting

Promotional bodypainting is a great way to get your brand known and seen at events in a nightclub, bar or luxury private party setting.

We will create artistic versions of your logo bodypainted on models and we can even arrange a live photoshoot with a professional photographer that will take pictures of the models and patrons at your event.

These types of photos after the event will go viral, so not only is the event an incredible experience; but the effects carry on and can create unexpected bursts of website viewers, followers, new clients and brand exposure by engaging your in this unique form of alternative marketing. Click here to view pictures and fill out our online form to book your promotional bodypainting.

Halloween and Special FX

At MarioInk, we create realistic costumes and special effects using bodypainting and aibrush makeup. For Halloween we have done everything from comic book heroes to real life Avatars, to the Day of the Dead. We add special effects to bodypainting, face painting and costume accessorizing by focusing with the airbrush to apply contours, shadows, and highlights. Contact us today to book your time.

Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program for MarioInk for Bodypainting: If you meet our criteria you will be able to come in on a 6-month to 1-year program where you assist us in the events that we do. By the process of assisting us you will learn what we do and how we do it. After the program is complete, you then may have an opportunity to work for us. Contact us to learn more about this unique learning experience.

Creative Bodypainting

Mario has done training throughout his life with some of the best artists from around the world. His creative portfolio sets his work apart from other artists and companies doing body painting, airbrush makeup and body art. Mario has his own style and way to create body art. Like any good artists you can tell when looking at a piece that it is a MarioInk piece. His unique style of urban-sheek combined with expertly applied body art techniques acquired from years of experience and top-level training, set Mario's body above the crowd. His uncommon graffiti & urban style has bridged the gap between street/urban art with high-fashion/glam art which is: MarioInk. Click here to view some of MarioInk's best creative bodypainting pieces.

HD Airbrush Makeup

Technology has recently changed, we went from analog to digital. As we made this change, the resolution of the images used went up to over 10 times greater than they used to be. Once that happened, the traditional methods of applying makeup such as brush, sponges or fingertips no longer was acceptable.

Since the new resolution was so high, you could see the application and the makeup, which did not look crisp or flawless. Once makeup artists used an airbrush to apply makeup during high definition settings using the right application techniques, there was no more visible trace of the makeup or application method.

The most important part of applying airbrush makeup is that you apply using the correct 'sheer coverage' techniques, which the end result looks like there is no makeup at all. To learn more, click here to learn more about HD Airbrush Makeup. To learn the skills of HD Airbrush Makeup, sign up for an airbrush makeup class at Airbrush Academy.

Bridal Makeup Services

Our artists are also working professionals in the industry and you can hire MarioInk to do your wedding, click here to contact us for a consultation. Click here to book a consultation with one of our experienced HD Bridal Makeup artists.

Base Pricing

Consultation: $50 per hour
1 Hour of our time to come up with the look for your special day. You will bring in samples with photographs you like and we will copy and elaborate on those ideas you want by doing a flawless airbrush makeup application and eye design combination.

Bride: $150
Bridesmaids: $50
Groom / Men: $50 Flawless foundation covering up imperfections.

Custom Art

Browse the MarioInk shop to find 100% unique pieces such as Jewelry, Wearable Art, Fine Art, Illustrations & Fine Art, & Motorized Bikes. Click here to visit the shop.