"Flawless Airbrush Makeup: It Simply Looks Like You Have Perfect Skin"

Dan Baron, Marketing Director MarioInk

HD Airbrush Makeup For Film, TV and Weddings

Technology has recently changed, we went from analog to digital. As we made this change, the resolution of the images used went up to over 10 times greater than they used to be. Once that happened, the traditional methods of applying makeup such as brush, sponges or fingertips no longer was acceptable.

Since the new resolution was so high, you could see the application and the makeup, which did not look crisp or flawless. Once makeup artists used an airbrush to apply makeup during high definition settings using the right application techniques, there was no more visible trace of the makeup or application method.

The most important part of applying airbrush makeup is that you apply using the correct 'sheer coverage' techniques, which the end result looks like there is no makeup at all.